Morningside Height 1B1B Main Bedroom Sublease

1 Morningside Drive, New York City, New York 10025, United States
Move-out: August 14, 2023
Move-in: April 17, 2023
Bathrooms: 1
Bedrooms: 1
Sq Footage: 800
Pets: Allowed
Gender Preference: Male
Furnished: Yes

You may change the rental period according to your plan

TEXT me or WhatsApp me if you have any questions: 9173621260

800 sqft, fully furnished (sofa, desks, chairs, TV, bed frame and bed mattress if you want)
AC, wifi, IN APT WASHER DRYER, dish washer
The building has reception desk, gym, garage
10 min or less walk to Columbia main campus; 5 minute walk to cvs, supermarket, central park, subway line 1 2 3 ABCD
The original living room is cut off into a smaller living room and bedroom my roommate lives. The bedroom for rent is the Main bedroom (quite large). There is still enough area for the cut off living room, which settles a sofa and a 80” long table.
The roommate is a master student in CBS. The gentleman is easygoing and we get along quite well.

I can officially sublease to you through the building procedure



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