Finding the perfect sublease can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. The challenge often lies in navigating the myriad of platforms available. Here, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of the best websites to find subleases, focusing on their unique strengths and features to help guide you in the right direction.


Facebook groups have become a go-to resource for subleasing, with countless groups dedicated to specific cities and colleges. These groups, often managed by business entities, facilitate real-time interaction between listers and seekers. However, the challenge lies in verifying the authenticity of listings, making it crucial to proceed with caution. We observed many listings were scam or posted by fake accounts. Facebook is not designed for marketplace purpose, and thus search feature is limited. boasts of being the largest platform in terms of web traffic in the sublease market. Their extensive listing range and simple interface make it a convenient resource for seekers. One downside could be the lack of up-to-date features and old-fashioned UI/UX (since late 90’s), which could sometimes compromise the usability of the platform. Also credibility of listings are often questioned based on Trustpoliot and Better Business Bureau.


Craigslist’s city-specific pages and high web traffic make it an attractive option for many. However, it has had its share of credibility issues due to scams. Always ensure thorough verification before proceeding with any transaction on Craigslist. 1.1 of 5 ratings by Better Business Bureau.


Boom is a property tech start-up offering services like credit management and property management. Utilizing Facebook groups for their reach, they’ve managed to create a space where users can navigate property-related issues efficiently. However, their presence is still growing, so the number of listings may be limited. Sublease is not their core service area, thus support and protection might be limited.


Leasebreak has successfully positioned itself as the leading sublease marketplace in New York City. With properties sorted by neighborhood, it offers a user-friendly experience. However, its geographic limitation to NYC could be a disadvantage for those looking outside the city.


Roomster provides a web and app-based platform for subleasing. However, it has faced criticism due to the usage of fake web pages and accounts, reducing trust in its service. If you’re looking for sublease in Facebook groups, you might see tons of advertisement by fake accounts, which leads you to Roomster.


Designed for students, Collegepads organizes listings by schools, providing a dedicated space for campus housing. They offer a separate sublease marketplace page, although it seems relatively new and less popular compared to their primary service.

Other Options Beyond Sublease

Big names like Airbnb, Compass, and provide a broad range of housing options. They also offer property management tools, making the process easier for both listers and seekers. However, these platforms might be more suitable for short-term rentals or finding permanent apartments rather than subleases. In addition, Airbnb has high fee and short-term housing is up to 40% more expensive than sublease.


NewSublease, a platform built with the aim to simplify and smarten your subleasing process, stands out for its robust features, user-friendly interface, and the application of AI through PropGenie to provide a personalized housing search experience. Our commitment lies in making the process of subleasing as hassle-free as possible. Currently NewSublease is #1 trusted sublease marketplace among top MBA, Law, and other graduate school students in the U.S.

Choosing the right platform for finding a sublease often depends on your specific needs and the level of service you’re looking for. With this guide, we hope to make your search process a little easier and more rewarding.

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