Hello, it’s nice to meet you!

NewSublease is a new subleasing platform whose sole mission is to make the experience of finding your next mid-term home a whole lot better.

What makes us different?

1) A familiar community.
Rent a space from or offer up your place to someone who’s just like you! We’re focused on the graduate student community who often need to offer up or find a space for a season. We think the stress of finding a trustworthy person to rent from or to just isn’t worth it, don’t you agree? So, we’ve handled it for you!

2) Spaces priced fairly.
NewSublease hosts aren’t career landlords or property managers who are
looking to maximize their income. We’re all just students trying to avoid being on the hook for double rent! With that, you can trust that the homes you find on NewSublease come with reasonable prices.

3) Spaces that match your needs.
With apartments offered up by students like you, listings on NewSublease are basically guaranteed to be in great neighborhoods and have all the necessities for comfortable living. We’ve taken those concerns off the table for you!


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